A hyper productive way to use and control devices

10x better for cross device interactions

To save time and frustration with cross device interactions, we look for hacks, or install PC centric apps, or buy into the expensive Apple ecosystem.

HuTouch is a much better way. It connects and makes devices work together automatically for you. 

Ecosystem of cross device behavior

Transfer files

Save time and share files with HuTouch to access it on any device

Pick up from where you stopped

HuTouch automatically helps continue your tasks on any device. Supports Google, Microsoft, Web apps, and more

Access your phone

In the zone on your PC and you get a call. You can now make and receive calls, messages and notifications from your PC

Connect All devices

HuTouch creates an ecosystem around your Smartphone (Android/iOS), PC (Windows/MacOS), tablet (Android/iOS), Smart TV (Tizen/WebOS), Car

Protect your data

Control the privacy of your data across devices

Sync your customizations across devices

HuTouch makes it easy for you to install an app or sync themes, settings or customizations across devices, all from one place.

Time to end the struggle